Alarm Systems



Coast to Coast Alarms have a wide range of Bosch alarm systems suitable for a variety of different home and property types in the Perth area. As a home owner, you have a responsibility to protect your family and their possessions by providing ample security to ward off intruders. We can provide custom tailored intruder alarms and security systems that suit your specific family needs that is also within your budget.

Your security needs are determined by the level of monitoring that you require, the assets you most want to protect and the level of security you desire for your home and family. Based on these needs, our licensed home security advisors can best advise you on your home alarm system options.

We will visit your home and property to design a highly functional and user friendly security system that meets your needs and all the relevant Australian standards. We will then install your custom security solution, providing training for you and your family on how to operate the alarm and system. We take care of everything, including installation and maintenance, delivering you not only a secure premises, but also peace of mind.